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Bob's Computer Housecalls - 360-736-1358 Text & Call

Taking the "Byte' out of computing!

Taking the "byte" out of computing!

Bob's Computer Housecalls aka BNS Enterprises

Reasons for you to contact me:

1)  Help with fast paced technology passing you by...

2)  Need help with buying - should you? or fix & keep

3)  Available - will do HouseCalls in person and remotely, using Quick Assist - already on your pc

4)  And yes, those pesky cell phones - I might just be able to help there, too.

5)  Love doing group technology literacy sessions - no charge:

​Senior Centers


Service organizations - Sertoma, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.

Most important reason, my opinion, suspected scam! Please call!  Note:  Evenings, weekends, whenever - yes, I am available too many hours!  (And worth it when I know I have saved someone from a very costly mistake!)

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My Story

Not much this going on these days!

Helping the Technology challenged - focused on seniors and the less tech savvy. 

My name is Bob Killillay and I have owned the domain name for many years.  It is my email service domain and have several customers using this this for their email. became more appropriate for the business, and this is the website reflecting that.

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Bob's Computer housecalls

Personal one to one, non techno-babble!

Please contact me for additional information.  Questions are always welcome.  

An annual computer maintenance program that has worked well for many customers is available.  Ask me for details.

Call or text 360-736-1358 or E-mail

Pickup to sell - $6500

2005 F150 - call for information

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